Once students have been nominated for a partner university, the foreign university will contact the applicants. As can be seen in the IS:link advisory information, it is at the discretion of the respective partner university whether students are accepted or not. IS:link has no influence on this decision.

If the nomination is successful, the partner university will contact the students directly to inform them about the application procedure. The time at which this notification is sent varies from university to university. Experience shows that students receive notification approximately four to six months before the start of the semester.

If students receive a notification from the exchange university that they have been nominated, this means that they may officially apply to the partner university. The application period and the required documents can be found in the letter from the foreign university, as can the individual procedural steps of the application. Due to the different application modalities, IS:link does not have information on all application procedures of the individual cooperation universities.

Note on the Learning Agreement

There are universities that require students to choose a course in advance at the time of application. This choice of course is required as a so-called Learning Agreement (LA) by the students for the semester abroad. Such a Learning Agreement is also required when studying abroad via Erasmus (Erasmus Learning Agreement).

In principle, the Learning Agreement is a document containing the selected, planned courses of the study abroad which the student enters in it. This document is first checked by IS:link and then by the examination board and must be requested by the student. It should be noted that the application for a Learning Agreement should be submitted in good time, at the latest 2 months before the required date.

Further information on the procedure regarding the Learning Agreement can be found on the page Course Selection.