What is the IS:Link option?

A short introduction

IS:link, as a global network of renowned faculties of general business studies, pursues the goal of promoting international student exchange in the field of information systems.

The continuous support and guidance of the students by IS:link starts with the first counseling interview, continues during the semester abroad and ends with the recognition of the stay abroad. The students and IS:link thus maintain contact with the IS:link team even during the study abroad program.

In addition to its advisory function, IS:link is also responsible for coordination. This mainly relates to study places at the partner universities and course recognition.

IS:link, as a global network of prestigious universities, has different quotas of study places at partner universities, which are also managed by IS:link when applying through IS:link. This means that the nomination for the study place is made by the network.... It should be noted, however, that the partner universities ultimately decide on the acceptance or rejection of the nominee.

For students who complete their semester abroad at partner universities via IS:link, the cooperation means that tuition fees are waived.

In addition, the bureaucratic effort for the students is reduced by IS:link having the creditability of courses and achievements checked and approved by the examination board in advance in a learning agreement. IS:link thus acts as a bureaucratic interface between the foreign faculty and the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Arguments for the IS:Link option

When does the IS:Link option make sense for me?

Pro Arguments

  • Reduction of bureaucratic hurdles that otherwise make it difficult for students to plan and carry out a stay abroad
  • Bureaucratic paths actively shortened and simplified by IS:link
  • Costs of the semester abroad significantly reduced (money, effort and time)
  • Global network of prestigious universities across different contingents
  • The cooperation eliminates the tuition fees of the partner universities
  • IS:link as bureaucratic interface between the foreign faculty and the University of Duisburg-Essen

Contra Arguments

  • Less flexibility in the selection of partner universities (if desired university outside of the IS:link network.

The IS:link process

The IS:link process is divided into 5 steps:

  1. Step: Preparation for the consultation
  2. Step: Consultation
  3. Step: Application via the portal
  4. Step: Admission procedure at the partner university
  5. Step: Recognition of the semester abroad

Each step is necessary and must be worked on together in consultation with the IS:link team.

The tool used to perform these steps will mainly be Clustdoc.

To the overview of the process

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