Where can I find the application deadlines?

You can find the application deadlines here: www.islink.wiwi.uni-due.de/aktuelles/aktuelle-meldungen/

How can I get enrolled in the Moodle course?

The requirements to be enrolled in the Moodle course can be found here: https://www.islink.wiwi.uni-due.de/portal/

What documents do I need?

Here you can find the list of documents you need: https://www.islink.wiwi.uni-due.de/das-auslandssemester/der-weg-in-s-ausland/schritt-3-bewerbung/

How can I prepare for the counseling interview?

You can find the central guiding questions to prepare for the counseling interview here: https://www.islink.wiwi.uni-due.de/fileadmin/fileupload/PRO-ISLINK/Der_Weg_ins_Ausland_Leitfragen_als_Downloadmaterial_V05_EPa.pdf

Where can I find the IS:link service hours?

The IS:link service hours can be found here: https://www.islink.wiwi.uni-due.de/kontakt/