On Campus


Die Brücke

Die Brücke refers to the Protestant student center on the Essen campus and includes a student dormitory, the university communities and the Brücken-Café. Die Brücke is located directly on campus, across from the main dining hall entrance, and is an excellent place to socialize. 


Tutors Service Center

The Tutoring Service Center helps exchange students connect with other students. For this purpose, they offer a buddy program, international social gatherings, information meetings, leisure activities in groups and much more. 

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Every year, various events take place, such as MINT parties, beach parties, pub nights, game nights and much more. You can find more information here:

Student Associations

In a student association, students of a study program organize themselves to represent their interests to the university or to the outside world and to support each other in the initial phase of their studies and in the further course of their studies.

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Off Campus

There are many leisure activities in and around Essen which you can try with your friends and of course on your own. We have prepared a list of some interesting and fun activities for you.



Zeche Zollverein, Essen


Phoenix See, Dortmund

Plan a relaxing day at the lake with your friends and have a delicious meal, or buy some ice cream.


Botanischer Garten, Grugapark Essen


Lake Baldeney

Lake Baldeney offers many recreational activities and attractions, including:

  • The wildlife enclosure in the Heissiwald forest near Lake Baldeney.
  • The Villa Hügel and the Hügelpark at the edge of Lake Baldeney
  • The Heisinger Aue bird sanctuary
  • The Essen Isenburg, ruins of a medieval "knight's castle
  • Scheppen House on Lake Baldeney
  • Baldeney Castle in Essen
  • Canoe, rowing and sailing clubs
  • Cycling, inline skating, jogging, walking or hiking once around the lake or through the forest
  • fishing
  • Seaside Beach Baldeney


Interesting places on the "Margaretenhöhe":

  • The small "market"
  • The bridgehead and the museum at the bridgehead
  • The consumption
  • The inn "Gasthaus zur Margarethenhöhe" (city hotel Mintrop)
  • The small studio house

City Center of Essen

On more than 31,000 m² numerous stores and restaurants offer the shopping center's customers everything under one roof and invite them to stroll, store and enjoy.




Along the nightlife and promenade "Rü", the Rüttenscheider Straße, there are around 100 pubs bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants of all kinds, where live music or other events are frequently offered.

Nowhere else in the region can you also find such a collection of individual specialty stores, trendy stores and manufactories that invite you to go shopping. It is also worth taking a look at the side streets.

In addition to 4 private theaters, the Philharmonie, the Aalto Music Theater, the Museum Folkwang and the German Poster Museum offer a high-class, award-winning cultural program.

With the Grugapark, one of the largest and most beautiful landscape parks in Germany is available with many leisure facilities. Health and wellness facilities, such as on-site spa, invite you to relax and unwind.



Interesting places in the “Südviertel”:

  • City Garden
  • Film studio in Glückauf House
  • Boule in the Stadtgarten
  • Isenberg Square
  • Cycling